All Boxed Up Home Spa Beauty Box, £113 Worth of Products for £19.99!

Yes you read that title right! The All Boxed Up Home Spa Beauty Box is £113 worth of products for just £19.99 including postage, which makes a saving of £93! The Box includes five full retail size products that are perfect for your body during these cold and winter nights. Seen as this is an at home spa box is has some of the most indulging products in it, which really appeals to me seen as I’m the Queen of Pampering. I don’t order any subscription boxes myself as more often than not, there’s something inside that ends up disappointing me so I’m really surprised with the quality and products inside of this box.

The first of which is the Timebomb Derm Warefare Night Serum (30ml) at £38.00. I’m using quite a few Timebomb products at the minute and they’re all absolutely fantastic so I was over the moon to be able to add another to my collection. Alfie absolutely loves this night serum so already the box has proved worth the money which is amazing after just the first product! My personal favourite is the Sanctuary Spa Luxury Bath Float (300ml) at £10. Being part mermaid obviously I’m going to favour the bath things more, and shockingly I hadn’t tried the bath float before and I’ve tried A LOT from Sanctuary.


All Boxed Up Home Spa Beauty Box

The Pecksniffs Dry Body Oil (100ml) at £25 is the perfect way to finish your bath with Sanctuary as it’s a scented oil with moroccan oil that quickly absorbs into the skin to leave you feeling incredible. I really like that the products in this box go together well and it’s as if they’ve really been thought out well, as opposed to some that come across as just throwing anything they can find in. If you don’t fancy a body oil one night, there’s the Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion (300ml) at £20, notice the luxury price tags? I’ve never tried Cowshed before and now I want everything from them! I really enjoyed this invigorating and zesty body lotion with lemongrass and ginger, perfect for the day time to perk you up.


Finally, there’s also the Percy & Reed Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask (150ml) at £20, which I probably should have wrote about before the bath things as then you’d really see how well this box has been put together. I’ve never tried a foam mask but it’s not hard to see why this is the Elle Beauty Award winner for ‘Best Hair Treatment’. It’s a SUPER light weight treatment that means it moisturises without the heaving, pulling down feeling that you can get after some more of the hardcore type masks. Perfect for those who want or need to keep in as much volume as possible.

These boxes are really a one-off and once they’re gone, they’re gone! They change from everything between hair, makeup, home fragrance, body, bath and even tools.

You can find out more at All Boxed Up.



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