Aldi now have a Beauty Range!

I can’t say I’ve ever ran to Aldi for a mascara before, or told anyone too, but their new beauty range is pretty impressive, so I just might have to! I’m not really a snob over prices, in fact, I’m probably a little cheap with makeup as I rarely wear high end and believe that you can always find something just as good, but cheaper. I’ve done it many times and my favourite products are just ones you can find in your local boots. However, I’ve never tried products from Aldi before so I was quite intrigued.
Aldi now have a Beauty Range!
The parcels arrived and although the way the makeup is packaged in a budget, cheap looking kind of way (a little harsh, but it hardly screams ‘grab me’) it’s quite surprising. The Lacura Face Care CC Cream for light skin tones is quite dark but a little bit on pale skin, blended well, would be very doable. It’s quite a high coverage which is surprising and an amazing texture with a pretty nice smell. This was the first product I grabbed first and I would definitely say it comes across as a much more expensive product and could easily be sold in Boots.
You may have heard of Lacura Face Care in the press over the last few years as this is the brand with the budget skincare that actually compares to the very high end. A little Google search will show posts from the Daily Mail, Express and Huffington post where people have tried out and compared the creams to the likes of Chanel. Seriously. So there’s really no wonder why her CC cream comes across as an incredible quality. I forgot to mention that it’s actually £4.99!
Aldi now have a Beauty Range!
A similar good quality is the Eyebrow pencil. It’s the usual heavy consistency for an eyebrow pencil and it is quite blunt too, but a really natural brown/grey colour for eyebrows that aren’t dyed. I really love the fact it’s such a natural colour as it means on days I don’t want to look like I have a lot on, it’s perfect. They also have a super smokey eyeliner that shockingly stays in place when dried. I am saying ‘shockingly’ a lot, as I really wasn’t expecting such quality.
Aldi have also got the essential at such a cheap price I could cry. Our favourite shower gel in the Grogan household this year has actually been the Tingling Mint & Tea Tree Kick Start Shower Gel at just 69p! Wow, I know. Equally good prices include Shampoo and Conditioners at 65p, Q10 Daily Face Cream at £1.49 and I forgot to mention but the Mascaras are just £2.39.
Basically, what I am saying with this post is, go to Aldi and pick up your next favourite products!
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  • The makeup range looks lovely! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Dominica C

    I’ve tried their lipsticks and have to admit .. they are pretty awesome .. ! They hold/last almost all day long ! Can’t say that about any other brand !

  • I’ve never thought to go to aldi for things like this but I’ll have to have a look when I next pop in // x

  • I’ll definitely be checking this out when I am next in Aldi!

    Jenna / Beauty And The Style

  • These sound so cool! I never thought Aldi! – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • I’m actually quite excited to see their make up products as I’ve been using their anti-wrinkle moisturiser for about 6 months now as i heard it was the best on the market. Thanks for sharing otherwise i wouldn’t have known about this!

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  • I’ve noticed and tried products from the Lacura skincare and nail polish range before but was unaware of the beauty range until today actually! Co-incidentally I went into Aldi for some shopping and came across their eyeshadow palettes. I was tempted but I’m actually on a makeup spending ban this month! I’ll definitely give some things from them a try in July though.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings