A Taste of Sheffield – Recipe by Mark Jones

My family and I recently had the absolute pleasure of recreating this delicious recipe from Sheffield based chef, Mark Jones, who currently works at the Copthorne Hotel. Mark is known for constantly evolving and creating beautiful recipes that reflect the local influences. Which definitely comes across in this ‘A taste of Sheffield’ recipe. With locally sourced ingredients, this recipe completely won over my family! The ingredients were delivered from Sainsbury’s and we had an incredibly helpful delivery driver who not only rang to see if it was fine for him to turn up early, but he also talked us through the entire ordering process in case we were to order again. We, and I say ‘we’ as I had more of a supervising role whilst I left my brother to cook, found the recipe really easy to follow. There was a little confusion at first on how to cook the cabbage, but we soon figured it out. The recipe took quite a while to cook, but it was something that you could prepare and cook, then come back to it later. Meaning that if you were busy, or had all the time in the world, there was a lot of time to do things in between of the steps.
A Taste of Sheffield - Recipe by Mark Jones
A Taste of Sheffield - Recipe by Mark Jones
A Taste of Sheffield - Recipe by Mark Jones
The recipe contains quite a lot of ingredients such as Lamb rumps, potatoes, Wensleydale cheese, butter, double cream, Watercress, Baby carrots, Henderson’s relish, rosemary, chicken stock, red wine, red currant jelly, brown sugar, mixed spice and finally, red cabbage. Some of which, I wouldn’t have naturally put together, however the different flavours from the dish were beautiful and perfect together.
When it was finally finished and plated up, it was literally the tastiness meal ever. Despite cooking the cabbage for what seemed like days, it retained it’s hard crunch and had so much flavour from the red wine and brown sugar. As did the carrots. My brother, Daniel, ended up putting the cabbage underneath the piped potatoes which was a lovely touch. In places he did take his own direction with the recipe, as he thinks of himself as the ‘next Gordon Ramsay’ when in the kitchen.
The website even encourages you to recreate this meal and tag it as #TOTTChef! Will you be trying out this recipe?
*All ingredients were provided.


  1. Ellen Bourne
    4th November 2014 / 2:07 am

    Oh my gosh this looks incredible!