A Makeup Roundup with MeMeMe, Neve Cosmetics and more! Giveaway!

Makeup is something I’m deeply passionate about. Before being told I needed a ‘practical’ job and that being a makeup artist wasn’t that, it was everything I wanted to do. I used to paint rainbow eyeshadow on for school when I was 13 and I’ve spent a couple years now turning myself into different Halloween creations. Even my day-to-day look is basically part drag and I just love everything to do with makeup. It turns out, that me wanting to be a makeup artist and having that passion, lead me on to having the most incredible life, I play with makeup and then tell others how it is! Well, that’s just part of my jobs, but you all know what I mean….


This month I’ve been trying out quite a lot of different brands and wanted to do a roundup post and a little giveaway with a palette that I selected myself. Before that, we’ll start with the MeMeMe Cosmetics and the new ‘Ultimate Eye Palette, soft rose‘ at £15. This palette has 8 shades in total and oozes sophistication, but sadly, the shades are pretty basic. They’re not too highly pigmented and there’s nothing overly special on the glitters. I estimated this palette to be around £7, so when I saw that it is double, I did wonder why! Overall, it’s a lovely palette but better suited for eyeshadow newbies who might just want a wash of colour or something easy to play with. MeMeMe is a beautiful cosmetic brand so they’ll definitely be more exciting things from them…
MeMeMe Cosmetics
Lab2 are a complete new brand to me, as I have quite honestly never heard of them before, and the first thing I actually heard is that the quality is often compared to MAC but an awful lot cheaper. This excited me. Sadly, the brushes did not live up to this amazing standard as I’ve found myself only using one, and for the most simplest of applications, highlighting. The roundest face brush turned out to be terrible at powder as it was simply just too thick and harsh to place product, and instead, moved it. So I used it to apply my favourite highlighter perfectly, The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer, and it works perfectly. Apart from that, none of the other brushes have come in handy as they’re all flat brushes and I don’t use them often. I don’t really think a flat brush can tell you the quality of a brand, so I’d definitely be interested to try more buffing brushes from Lab2, but for now, I’m not excited. On a side note, I absolutely love the packaging and handy little guides on the back, nice touch.
Lab2 brushes
Lab2 brushes
Lab2 brushes
Beauty Crowd are constantly on my Twitter feed with fun tweets and interacting with everyone, I really love that from a company, so I love working with them. This month I’ve been trying out the Nicka K New York Lipsticks are they are heavenly. I’m not usually one for a sheer lip, but one shade is basically MAC diva, so I’m obviously a natural fan. The lipsticks are super moisturising and so pigmented, I was actually really impressed from the first application. The packaging is also rather lovely and different compared to the usually black cylinders, so it’s a welcomed change. I’m definitely going to be trying other pieces from this collection.
Nicka K New York
Another rather disappointing product this month is a new little eyebrow product from Silk Oil of Morocco, Fibre Brow at $29.95. It’s meant to add extensions onto your brows and make them thicker, more defined and perfected, but instead the product falls all over your face and makes them look hideous. In theory, a great idea, in reality? The doe foot applicator for brows is the worst idea ever, it’s too thick to be able to finish the end of brows and I really couldn’t get on with this at all. It’s a hard pass from me.
Silk Oil of Morocco, Fibre Brow

Finally, it’s a giveaway time! These Neve Cosmetics eyeshadows are so beyond pigmented and they’re such huge pans, that I am so excited to be able to give my must have shades away. I love to start off with a bright, neutral colour all over my lid, contour the lid with a lighter brown and then darken it up before applying glitter. It’s my favourite eye look to do!To win….

Neve Cosmetics
Neve Cosmetics
  • Evie Clarkson

    I would love to win because I seriously need to improve my makeup skills!

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    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

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    I usually wear just a wash of colour, nothing too deep so think this would suit me perfectly x

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    I have to say.. (i’m not actually entering) – but you should be commended on your blog, its very good! Keep it up, and enjoy ^^

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    this palette is beautiful it has all my colours init !!! great review too xx

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    If I won this would be the first eyeshadow palette I’ll have used, i tend to just buy single colours. This is such a beautiful palette for creating a stunning eye for both the day and night! 🙂 x

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