8 Different Christmas Gift Ideas

I didn’t really have a Christmas guide planned, but for the last couple weeks I have been trying out some very different, yet amazing things, that I thought would make perfect gifts. Whether you’re just about finished, or just getting started with your Christmas Shopping, I have some different suggestions for everyone in the family and even your friends.

The first is something completely new to me…..

Customised wrapping paper from wrap.me

Wrap.me allows you to make your own wrapping paper from your personal images or any images that you’d like. An amazing idea if you’re really wanting to send special presents this year, or maybe a humorous present. I’m most likely going to wrap family presents up with my face all over them, I’m sure they’ll appreciate that. Prices start from just £4.99 and it’s a perfect way to provide some giggles on Christmas day!



For years now I have favoured the more practical gifts, something that people actually want and will use. I don’t consider it boring, but clever Christmas buying instead.
When purchasing scarves for myself, I tend to buy cheap and cheerful, and I’ve never really headed into the more fashionable  side of things, until….

Moon Cats Scarves

Moon Cats are American Based Scarf Specialists that have the most beautiful range. My pick of the bunch was definitely this cream and golden polka dot scarf called ‘sweet dots’, at $39.95 it’s definitely a luxury scarf and one that will jazz up any outfit and in some cases, make the outfit. As it’s the Season of generosity, Moon Cats have bee kind enough to provide you all with a discount of 20% using: SHEMIGHTBELOVED20OFF!


Moon Cats Scarves


What’s Christmas without Glitter? It can be festive glitter, or even bought for the New Year Celebrations, but either way, glitter is essential. I’ve recently been trying out two glitter pigments from Younique. Beautifully pigmented, easily blended and long lasting, everything you want from glitter pigments. At £10 each they’re a little pricey, but it’s such a huge tub and you really don’t need much.

Younique glitter pigments

Younique glitter pigmentsAnother Glitter I’ve been trying lately is the beautiful gold pigment from from Push Makeup, and it’s definitely going to be my go to shade this Christmas. I love a gold glittery eye and this is a wonderfully easy to apply pigment, that looks amazing on and blended with most colours. Push also sent me the Vamp lipgloss, but I found that to be quite sticky and not very enjoyable, at £13, I’d give it a miss and stick to the incredible pigments at just £12.50 instead.

push makeup

push makeup

Neal & Wolf AURA hair & body fragrance, around £20.

A lot of people spring to mind with a gift like this, it’s something that would be a definite crowd pleaser. The brand new Hair and Body Fragrance has mandarin, orange blossom, and scents of orchid to create a soft and feminine aura, that is beautiful for Christmas time. Just a couple squirts is all you need to last all day and keep you smelling beautiful.

Neal and Wolf are well known for their, what I hear, beautiful smelling candles, which would also be perfect for Christmas.

Neal & Wolf AURA hair & body fragrance


Neal & Wolf AURA hair & body fragrance,

Coloristiq Nails

A very different suggestion, and something that has become increasingly popular in the last year, monthly beauty box subscriptions. Now I know there’s something for pretty much every interest now, from cats to hair things. But Coloristiq are for all those nail lovers who end up spending a fortune on nails every month. Instead, for just £9.99 a month (if you sign up before Christmas) you’ll receive 3 nail varnishes from your wish list for the month and you’ll get nine applications from them! When you’re finished you simply send them back to receive your next batch of colours. It’s the perfect way to stay clutter free and know that you’re not wasting money on a colour you’ll only wear once.


Coloristiq Nails

A Food Hamper

Everyone loves food at Christmas and recently I received a food hamper from Bents, a family run Garden Centre and Family Shopping destination near Manchester. Bents have everything from garden structures to some of the most stunning Christmas trees, but this bundle gave me an amazing idea. Food Hampers are the perfect presents for all your food loving family members or friends. Whether it’s a tea party mix like this one, or a chocolate hamper, there’s many ways to surprise someone this Christmas.


Bents Garden Center, food hamper

Bents Garden Center, food hamper

The Book of Everyone

I’ve saved the best until last, The book of Everyone has provided me with so many laughs and I decided to make it for my best friend, Keisha. As it’s the Season of giving, it wouldn’t quite be right to get a book with my name on it, however tempted I was. The Book of Everyone is a quirky book where you can make someone the star and make the book all about them. You can personalise pages, but only some of them, as the others are set with fun facts and figures that are bound to provide a giggle. For the first page I decided to edit it to say….

‘Baby Girl, if anyone deserves a book with their name on the cover, it’s got to be either me or you.’

I won’t ruin too much of the book, but Keisha has been sending me pictures of her favourite parts all morning and she seems absolutely made up with it. I was smiling and laughing whilst reading through it, and I think this would be perfect for literally anyone. There’s your astrology sign, Chinese Zodiac sign, what percentage of your brain is made up of what (and yes, you can edit that one!) and many more funny and thoughtful things. There’s even a picture page on the back where you can add personalised photos, so I made a collage of our friendship over the years. This is definitely a gift that I’m really happy with, as it’s small but incredibly thoughtful and personalised.

The Book of Everyone starts at £7.50 for a Digital Copy, £19.50 for a soft cover, £29.50 for a hard copy or £49.50 for a deluxe edition. I have the Hard Copy and I definitely recommend it as it’s a present that will stay safe for years to come.



What do you think to my suggestions? Is there anything that you’ll be picking up?*All PR Samples but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.



    8th December 2014 / 3:12 pm

    LOVE the wrapping paper!


  2. kitty kaos
    8th December 2014 / 4:49 pm

    Some really cute quirky gifts. I love the book of everyone x

  3. 9th December 2014 / 8:17 am

    The book of everyone is a great gift! If I hadn’t set already bought gifts then that would have definitely been on my list! I think I’ll bear that in mind when buying a birthday gift for my sister! I love this post, full of different ideas!
    Tasmin | Grandiose Days Blog

  4. 9th December 2014 / 6:52 pm

    I love the idea of the wrapping paper. Considering the prices of normal wrapping paper it’s not too pricey either!

    Amanda / Amanda’s Escape

  5. Hana Olivia
    10th December 2014 / 5:56 pm

    Haha, the wrapping paper is AMAZING! Love that so much x

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