5 Reasons to Buy Cruelty Free Products by Suggestive Digestive

Hi everyone – my name is Kitty and I usually blog over at Suggestive Digestive. Today I’m really excited to share something that’s really close to my heart – cruelty free cosmetics. Over a year ago I made a commitment to buy only Cruelty Free products, and since making the decision I’ve never been tempted to go back. Today I want to share 5 great benefits to buying cruelty free whenever you can.  It’s not all about being kind to animals, either (although that’s my main motivation). There are a few surprising reasons why you’re better off taking the ethical route…
1.  Animal testing is expensive.
Yep, from a scientific point of view, loads of studies support the idea that animal testing is highly expensive for results which don’t necessarily translate well to human skin. I’m not a dermatologist or anything, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand that our skin is very different to that of a rabbit, dog, rat or monkey. The sourcing, housing, testing on and disposal of these animals is staggeringly expensive – which should be enough to put businesses off even if they don’t have a heart. That cost, however, has to be offset – and usually this will reflect in the price to a consumer.
5 Reasons to Buy Cruelty Free Products by Suggestive Digestive
Bizarrely, these costly practices are performed unnecessarily too. For cosmetics, there are no laws requiring animal testing in force in the UK, USA or Europe and many other places globally.
Medication, people often say, is a different kettle of fish – surely it’s OK to test on animals if the results are of benefit to keeping humans healthy? Well… it’s my understanding that disease biology differs between humans and animals as well. Approximately 9/10 experimental drugs fail clinical studies because there’s no guarantee how they will behave in people – so where’s the benefit?
 2. Synthetic Brushes are more Hygienic.
Brushes made from animal hair have a structure can trap oils and dead skin, which makes them a dream breeding ground for bacteria. This also means they can be more difficult to clean – we all know how much of a pain it is to clean them to begin with, so why make it harder? Studies show that even when sanitised after every use, animal hair brushes trap more bacteria than synthetic ones.
Would you wipe your face with a hog’s tail? How about applying lipstick with one? Aside from being unnecessarily cruel given the quality of synthetics, it seems bizarre that anyone would favour using real hair.  For a great quality synthetic brush check out Nanshy’s range – it’s affordable and amazingly good.
3.  Cruelty Free Products contain less Chemicals.
99% of the time you will find that a cruelty free product contains cleaner ingredients than its animal-tested counterpart. Why? Because the developers resort to less chemical ingredients with a better track record for being gentle on skin. Many brands use exclusively all-natural or green products too, meaning your skin is absorbing natural product instead of loads of toxic nasties. It’s like choosing between drinking petrol or water!
   4. You’re more likely to research your purchases.
If you opt to buy only cruelty free cosmetics you’ll soon discover that you need to do a decent amount of research on many types of product before you buy. While this can be frustrating when you need to make a quick purchase, it has actually worked out really well for me. I have a greater awareness of what my cosmetics and toiletries contain, how they’re made and the company ethics. It follows that I can easily avoid brands with poor service or quality records and give my custom to friendly, vibrant companies whose ethic I love. It adds an extra layer of pleasure to a purchase when you buy from a brand you have a genuine affection for!
5.  You Have no Guilt. 

How could I, in good conscience, apply make up then sit cuddling with my dog if I was wearing a product tested on animals? Spaniels and Beagles are used for animal testing as well as smaller animals – and what makes a lab puppy different to my pooch? Nothing but good luck.. In this modern day, where everything can be replicated, there is no reason for cruel practices to be used to enhance appearances. If you think ivory harvesting, fox hunting and fur wearing is wrong then why are you still buying from brands which test on animals?Suggestive Digestive

  • I didn’t realise that synthetic brushes are more hygienic! Thanks 🙂


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    Fantastic post! I’m so glad more and more people are conscious of cruelty free living nowadays 🙂

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  • Great post Kitty! I’m about to head over to your blog now for some further reading 🙂
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  • Great post and really got me thinking!

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  • Such a great post, thanks so much for sharing! Definitely going to head on over to your blog for some further reading! (:

  • This is such a great post, bring great awareness! I really need to start buying cruelty free products x


  • This is an amazing post! I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea that animals were tested on for cosmetics and even medicines, and this post has really got me thinking about how to research which brands do and don’t. Brilliant post! – Tasha

  • What a great post! I love LUSH for cruelty free! Xx


  • It’s so fab that you are doing this! All of your points are so true 🙂 I made a new year’s resolution to start only buying products that don’t test on animals and as a result I have found some really amazing products that have done wonders for my skin 😀
    Lil x