5 Interesting Posts to Read This Month

It seems that everyone has super interesting posts around lately, not that people don’t always, but just more than usual. Bloggers are now branching out from the usual post on lipsticks or fashion, and writing about the things we really need to know about. What’s the worst part of renting a home? How do you take the best photos? How to shop for food on a budget? Well, this month my advertisers have got you covered as they’ve all done posts around these topics and they’re really good reads.

Rather than just having a little snippet about my advertisers and who they are, I’ve decided to showcase off one of their latest posts so you can decide if their writing style and blog are going to be your next favourite thing. I always tend to read posts, rather than blogs. Which sounds weird, but I honestly can’t go to just one blog again and again unless the post title and content makes me want to read it, which is why I’ll often read a lot of posts and then completely forget who wrote them as I won’t go back to them for a while. Content is key for me!So, without further delay as I can go on a bit, What’s the best way to take blog photos?

Thou Shalt Not Covet has you covered in her latest, Eight Accessory Ideas to Improve Your Photos. This lady always has me envious of her beautifully laid out and perfectly set up photos that always make me want to click and read whatever she has to say, just from the photography! Michelle knows how to work a camera and this is definitely my top recommendation for any blogger, or anyone who needs to take good photos, to read.

Eight Accessory Ideas to Improve Your Photos
Next we have a rather handy post, The Pros and Cons of Renting a Home. As someone who does eventually want to live in her own house, this is an interesting read indeed and one that most of us still living at home should think about. As much as I would love my own house, renting could mean no kitty cats for me, and that’s not an option. Cherry Pie has posted some really lovely and fun reviews lately, but this definitely caught my eye.
The Pros and Cons of Renting a Home
An equally good read is the ‘Working on a Budget‘ from Rebel Angel. This covers everything from budgeting your car, shopping and savings! Super handy for those of us who are a little too happy to pass over cash or don’t know when to stop spending. Rebel Angel tells us all her own tips and tricks and things that have been working for her, and they’ve been working so well that soon she’s due quite a lot of savings that she had simply forgotten about! Well, that’s something I’ll be doing.
Working on a Budget
And now, something a little funner from my Advertisers this month, 12 Things Only Tall Girls will Understand. I certainly don’t understand any of them as I’m only 5’3! This post says everything from banging knees on desks, to one size fits all. LaLa Loves Chic has a funny way with words if you’re looking for a light hearted read.
12 Things Only Tall Girls will Understand
Lastly, a big woohoo to Kirsty Ralph for finding something that helps her Type 1 Diabetes and sharing her experience with us all so she can help others. Kirsty talks about her Diabetes and the things that haven’t worked with her in the past, but in this post, it’s a big congratulations as she has, in her words, gained her freedom back with an Insulin Pump! I love reading about how people have found things to make themselves feel and literally be better as I’m having a constant struggle with making myself better right now. It’s a nice happy post but really informative at the same time.