4 Years Of Blogging – A Personal Post

She Might Be Loved is turning 4 this June and I can honestly say that starting a blog has been the best decision I’ve made in life so far. Not only are all my friends and family behind me, supporting me, and getting involved with what I do, but I’ve also made so many new and wonderful friends over the past four years. So many friends that I now can’t imagine my life without. The kind of friends that raise you up, that send you cards when you’re having a bad time, the kind of friends that truly celebrate everything you do and I can’t express enough how much friends like this can change your world.

She Might Be Loved started and continues to be somewhere I could just go to write about the things I loved, the things I’m passionate about, as well as things that annoy me, and it’s turned into my own little empire. I decided against going to University to become a teacher, and instead I had a gap year and ending up starting She Might Be Social, my own social media management business. I have had and continue to have, amazing clients. They make working an absolute joy and I can honestly say I love what I do. It means that I can balance my chronic pain, with any blogging events and opportunities that come my way. It means I’ve been able to do some incredible things like modelling, presenting, catwalk shows, having dresses made and named after me, visit and stay at the most amazing places and then I’ve learnt a lot of lessons too, all which I’m far too eager to share with others! (For example my post on Working For Exposure, or the Ugly Truth About Modelling for Brands.)

In September my empire grew again when I finally made a 2 year dream a reality by starting my own online magazine. She Might Be has already welcomed over 30 different writers, some of them have continued on as main contributors, and we’ve published 242 articles! I always knew I wanted to create an online magazine and I always knew it was going to be called She Might Be, but I didn’t know what we’d write about so that was the really fun part. It has become all about body positivity, self love, and helping others on their own journeys. As a group we decided that we didn’t want to accept awards for She Might Be, as it’s a safe place on the Internet, being competitive didn’t feel like we were staying true to what we created. I just love everything that we do on SMB and we all just want to focus on that. Individually a lot of the writers do support and take part in awards, actually there’s quite a lot of them who are nominated for the Navabi awards, which is amazing! Personally I do take part in some awards. I haven’t really acknowledge or promoted any awards for a very long time. I feel like some awards ask too much of people, for example I won’t personally enter something to get a job out of it, and I won’t enter something that requires me to sell my soul.

navabi, georgina grogan, she might be loved

However, the Navabi Plus Size Blog Awards are something I wanted to get behind because I do love them as a company. They’re really known for looking after bloggers and respecting them (even before Bethany came on board, as you’ve probably seen she’s made quite the impact!) They never ask too much of you, or hound you, they’re so wonderful to work with, and the team as a whole are so lovely and friendly. My mum has to travel with me as I can’t carry things (even my own bag) after a while and I need help with my chronic pain in general, which means she’s actually attended every Navabi event with me and my mum absolutely adores Cheryl and the team at Navabi. They’ve always welcomed her and been so accommodating, even sending us back with a picnic for the train (it was honestly so cute, and flipping delicious!). When you’re a blogger it’s so easy to be taken advantage of, but it’s so amazing when you build up a relationship with a brand where you really want to celebrate them. You may notice that She Might Be Magazine mentions Navabi a lot, and you’ll see them retweeted on our feeds a lot because it’s amazing to support a genuinely deserving brand.

In this post I’m wearing my favourite piece from the new collection at Navabi, the baby blue Longline Jacket at £227.99, and the Manon Baptiste Lace Dress at £129.99. I really love this combination and I feel quite elegant. The jacket is slightly too big around the arms in a 24, but it only just fastens so I wouldn’t be able to go smaller with this. The lace dress is the most perfect fit, my mum has actually stolen this as she suits it more. We do tend to share a lot more than I’d like from Navabi!

navabi, georgina grogan, she might be loved

I want to keep this as positive as possible as my entire blogging experience has been amazing, but for the last couple of months (basically this entire year), I’ve felt less than myself. I’ve probably had the saddest couple of months to date, falling further and further down the dark rabbit hole. My chronic pain is constantly playing up, I feel like a lost cause when it comes to talking to the doctors, and I’m not able to do a fraction of the things I’ve wanted to. If you follow me on social media you’ll have noticed really quiet patches from me, where I’ve been so down and depressed that I haven’t even wanted to tweet about it or acknowledge it. I’m now not feeling any better pain wise, but mentally I am trying to pull myself up out of the hole. And so, I thought that actually promoting these awards and actively wanting to win would give me that much needed boost I really need. Something to work towards. A goal. Whatever you want to call it. Sure it’d be amazing to actually win, but more so it’s just about not feeling forgotten about. Which blogging so inconsistently and being radio silence on social media will understandably make you feel.

Being asleep all the time and having to miss out on so much really makes me forget how much I actually do and achieve regardless of my chronic pain. I still successfully do a great job for my clients, I’ve been blogging a lot and extending my contact list, I’ve headed to a couple events this year which have been amazing, and I’m finally managing to take nicer photos which aren’t in my back garden (again thanks to my amazing friends and family). These may seem like little things to some, but blogging, being online, and active is actually my job. It’s how I get more work, it’s how I get more clients, and when I’m more active, it’s actually when I’m the happiest. I really need to stop being so hard on myself and realise what my body can achieve.

And so, I would absolutely love your support and vote in the Navabi Plus Size Awards! Voting ends on the 31st of May and you simply have to click on the bloggers you want to vote for (remember the SMB team!) and then click submit at the bottom.

  • You have achieved so much in such a short time. I’m sorry that chronic pain is slowing you down…..but you kill it even with your challenges. <3 xx

  • Wow. I knew you’d done some great things over the last few years, but seeing them all here, really brings it home how hard you work! It’s great to be able to celebrate success like this!

    I love what you’ve done with She Might Be. I think the diversity of posts on there is so good, and I think it’s so respectful that you’ve decided to not involve that with awards, it makes sense.
    I’m so glad you are still open to accepting nominations for awards from great sources on your personal blog – that way you can take time to shout loudly about your achievements, without having the potential to affect the safe space of the mag. It is so nice to see the two running side by side, but also with a defining line between them. I bet that’s great for you creatively.

    I think the whole team at SMB deserve accolades in abundance! And you particularly, for achieving such a lot in a short time, and at much younger age than a lot of your peers. You do incredibly well. Keep it up!

    Faith x

  • Love you GG! You’re the best blogger to look up to!

  • That jacket is stunning! Congratulations on everything that you’ve achieved, it’s even more amazing when you factor in your illness. This June marks 16 years blogging for me, and yet YOU are a total inspiration to me. You are amazing!