4 Budget Toner Waters and Exfoliators you need to try!

I love skincare, I worked with skincare for two years and it’s safe to say that I’m pretty obsessed. Although, after working at Lush for 2 years, learning all about the skin, how it works and the best ingredients to use and why, it does make blogging a little difficult. Why? Simply because if I was to pick at every single product for using parabens or SLSs, I doubt many people would still be reading. Sure, some people do look out for those and I used to, but now, I want to review skincare based on if it actually does what the label says. I don’t want to be biassed or hate everything because it’s not 100% natural, as sometimes the best products aren’t.If you want to see products from the same brands, you can check out my previous skincare post, ‘5 Budget Cleansers for all Skin Types‘. Next up is the second step in a routine, the toners, but I also thought to add the exfoliators into this post too as that’s how I sometimes go about my regime. I’ll cleanse my makeup away, scrub my skin, tone and then (which is coming up really soon) moisturise.


4 Budget Toner Waters and Exfoliators you need to try, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved




Starting with exfoliators, one I’ve been absolutely loving is from Beauty at Tesco. The Pro Formula Skin Exfoliating Face Scrub at £2.99 has been my most reached for exfoliator all month long for it’s invigorating and refreshing feeling. It’s a rather creamy exfoliator which means even on drier and more sensitive skin, it should be perfectly fine. It contains salicylic acid to prevent spots and keep the skin looking and feeling healthy, as well as rice and jojoba particles as the actual exfoliant. It’s not particularly harsh, but it definitely gives you a very thorough scrub if you use circular motions and press hard enough. This leaves my skin feeling and looking brighter.


A completely different exfoliator is definitely the Mary Elizabeth Camellia & Geranium Gentle Face Scrub at £12.95. This reminds me a lot of a Nourish Cleanser I reviewed in my Sleeping Awareness post as it’s so soft and moisturising, it barely exfoliates at all. It’s so gentle that you can use it morning and night if you really wanted. It calmly renews your skin without hydrating it with avocado oil, lavender and camellia oil. For the size of the tub for the price, it’s a little costly, but if you want something that smells incredible and is uber luxurious it’s perfect. I’d probably say it’s more suited to sensitive skin though, as my oily, bumpy skin does like something a little rougher.

Toner waters are used to take away excess cleanser or left remains of makeup/dirt on the face. You have to be careful with them as depending on the ingredients they can dry out the skin, unless that’s what you’re wanting. With the Australian Bodycare Gentle Toner at £12.50, the tea tree is definitely there to help take away excess oils and treat spots. This is perfect for spot prone skin, but I wouldn’t recommend it for acne as it may be a little harsh. On open spots this does indeed sting, but obviously tea tree will.


A softer and more moisturising alternative is the Neroli & Rose Maroc Hydrating Bio Mist Toner at £18 for 50ml. I mention the size of this bottle as it is rather small and I found that it went quicker than the rest of the products I tried from Riad of Aromas. This is made from 100% natural ingredients and as the name suggests, it does indeed have neroli and rose. Both are amazing at rebalancing and calming the skin, neroli is even good for preventing scars. This would also be fine to use on sensitive skin and is intended to be used as a light mist to refresh.
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  • Jasmine Huston

    Ohhhh great choices.. I really wanna try some of these now! xx

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  • Louise Barlow

    I LOVED this review Georgina. Thank you. I’ve been in need of a few new products for a while. I’m definitely going to try out the Tesco exfoliator – Louise Barlow (instagram: eludiastar)