Our 3rd Valentine’s Day FT Parfait Lingerie – AD

This Valentine’s Day will be the week before my 3rd anniversary with Alfie, and my longest relationship ever! I did think that actual Valentine’s Day would end up being our anniversary as me and Alfie went away to York for it (which I did blog about, he’s been on the blog and my social media from the very start!), but he chickened out and didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend. I now like to constantly remind him about how he missed such a perfect date, but I guess the week after is good enough! Cheaper to celebrate and much easier to get in places too so that’s a bonus.

Parfait Lingerie
Alfie was an extremely unexpected boyfriend. I had been single for years and I wasn’t necessarily looking. I mean, I was VERY single.





I did have a PoF account, where I loved to ignore everyone. It made sense to meet a boy online as my entire life is online! I only replied because he said he was a rugby player, but he failed to mention that it was back when he was 15. For our first date he came from Retford to Sheffield and I remember spotting him walking down the stairs and being so surprised that he was a lot better looking than in his photos. Why can’t men take decent photos of themselves? We nearly made our way through an entire cocktail menu whilst chatting away. We had such a cute and amazing time, we really hit it off. It was the best first date to be honest. We even took a selfie on our first date which still makes me laugh, who does that!?

When Alfie and I first started talking it was around 6 months after my car accident, so I was in a lot of pain all the time, but nowhere to the extent I’m in now. It means that he’s always known me as having chronic pain, and overall he’s been great with it. One of his family members runs a diet company (we obviously did not get on with me being fat and perfectly happy), which means he hasn’t always been as ‘body positive’ but he hasn’t ever been body shaming or negative either. He’s just a lot more aware now. He’s made so many friends in the plus size community when he’s joined me at all the blogging events, and he’s been a really perfect addition to my life. He blogged before I met him which is another reason why we got on so much. He was also really into photography making him the perfect Instagram Boyfriend!

Parfait Lingerie
Alfie’s been living with me and my family for nearly 2 and a half years and he actually now cares for me during the evenings, and my mum cares for me during the day. Him and my mum get on so well, they’re always laughing or bickering, or both! We now have two beautiful fur babies and have just redecorated our room to make room for more blog and cat things. We’re a happy little family!

This Valentine’s Day I think we’re all going out as a family as my brother and his girlfriend got together the week BEFORE V-day, 3 years ago too. We both went from being single to having two new additions to the family! We’ll probably do something on our own too, but we haven’t planned anything yet…

In this post I’m wearing Charlotte in Black from Parfait Lingerie in a 40G and it’s a perfect fit, plus this style is my favourite from Parfait!

This post is a collaboration with Parfait Lingerie.