#30DaysofSMBL Day 4 – Lindybop Giveaway!

It’s day 4 and here’s a Lindybop Giveaway! I wanted to make sure there’s as much skincare and makeup as there is fashion during 30 Days of She Might Be Loved, and not just fashion for my fellow plus size ladies but instead, fashion that covers across the board. Lindybop stock vintage inspired dresses in sizes 6-26 (don’t worry if you’re a 28+ there’s plenty coming!) and they are seriously popular. I’ve been trying to find my perfect Lindybop style for months as they produce some of the prettiest patterns, and often have incredible sales, I just couldn’t miss out on the fun!

Thankfully, I’ve now found two styles that suit me, the Lisette and Ophelia, in both I wear a 22 as I find that especially the plus size dresses come up a little small and so I always size up. It’s a good thing to keep in mind if you do win!

My latest sale order didn’t go too well as I tried to branch out, but the Ophelia and Lisette I bought are SO stunning. I wish I just sticked to what I had already learnt and bought more of them in different colours. I haven’t had chance to wear the Ophelia yet but you can see the Lisette below. Isn’t it beautiful?

Lindybop Giveaway
Enter below to win a Lindybop Dress up to the value of £40!

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The winners will all be announced on the 14th July.
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  • Lindy Bop is a go-to for me at such cheap prices, and I love that they are expanding beyond dresses.

  • Katt Cupcake

    Still gutted to have missed the sale. The Lisette is STUNNING on you xxx

  • Sophie Griffiths

    YES Lindy Bop are always my go-to, the only dress I’ve found that didn’t fit me perfectly was the peplum style cocktail dress.

  • kirst the worst

    I love Lindy Bop. That style suits you so much!

  • Katie Skeoch

    These dresses are gorgeous! I’d love one for summer

  • Elena Davies

    It’d be lovely to have a new frock to wear for after Poglet is born!

  • Kim Styles

    I would like to win as the dress you have on is beautiful

  • I’m currently trying really hard to shift this baby weight, so i’d love to treat myself afterwards! 🙂

  • I’d love to win because Lindybop make the most gorgeous dresses and I’d love to add another to my collection 🙂

  • Why WOULDN’T I love to win this one? One of my favourite fashion brands too – but, unlike you, I rarely stray from the styles that suit me! If I won this one I’d make a point of picking something I wouldn’t have had the guts to order otherwise. I might even get you to pick for me!

    Lis | last year’s girl x

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    I love Lindy Bop, and I love you in Lindy Bop! Let’s get matching dresses xxx

  • I love Lindybop! I have to play around with there sizes but there designs are great, and there’s always new stuff in!

  • Nanc

    Ohhh new to Lindybop – looks great, thanks for the giveaway

  • debbie

    love ur dress in the photo you look lovely and fab giveaway thankyou x

  • Keshia Esgate

    Just love Lindybop dresses!!

  • Shelley Jessup

    Always keep meaning to treat myself to a Lindybop dress & I have the perfect event coming up for an excuse to buy one! 🙂

  • Nora Kilgannon

    Lindybop make such lovely dresses. I have one Lindy bop dress and would love another.

  • Jo Hutchinson

    They have some gorgeous dresses.

  • Sarah Lewis

    Love the vintage look and these dresses are gorgeous!

  • Tanya Brannan

    You know how much I love my Lindybop, and I have several on my wishlist. This would ideal to win as I am on a holiday spending ban at the moment 🙁

  • Kerrie ONeill

    Great dresses!!

  • Esma Blackwell

    I would love one of these dresses.There so pretty and unique

  • lucy

    I absolutely love Lindybop x

  • I love Lindy Bop. I’ve bought from them before and the quality is fantastic and the delivery is superquick. The Lisette looks stunning on you. It would be lovely to be able to treat myself to another dress from them. Many thanks x

  • I love Lindybop, everything I’ve had from then has always looks amazing on. x

  • I’d love a new frock for my upcoming cruise.

  • Vintage Fee

    Favourite brand alert! Their dress fit me perfectly, I’d love to add another to my collection!

  • Hayley Elvin

    I love LindyBop dresses, perfect for a curvier figure.

  • Katie Kingsbury

    I’ve been lusting after Lindy Bop dresses for a while but have yet to make a purchase (mainly because I simply can’t decide which dress to go for!) so this would ‘twist my arm’ into taking the plunge!

  • Kitty Wood

    love me some LB!

  • Gemma Massey

    I’d love to win as I love Lindy bop always wanted one as I love their vintage style thanks for the chance xx

  • Olivia Kirby

    I love their dresses! I only have one but I have some of their trousers too and my little girl has 4 of their gorgeous kids’ dresses!

  • Rebecca Phillips

    I already own one Lindy Bop dress and I think it’s the beginning of an obsession!

  • emma j lowe

    would love to win, as they have some lovely dresses and would love to be an owner of one.

  • Hayley Todd

    I would love to win one of these amazing dresses! We have been invited to a vintage-themed wedding at the end of August and I still haven’t found anything to wear! One of the Lindy Bop dresses would be amazing!

  • Jo McPherson

    Gorgeous dresses and love the style

  • Gnei Usama

    Love those vintage inspired dresses. So gorgeous

  • Jean Vaughan

    Wonderful styles suited to my figure at such reasonable cost- what more could a girl need?

  • Garth Algar

    Oooh I’d love another to add to my collection

  • Jess Berkeley

    Id love to win this for my sister!
    She lives in dresses even in the cold because she loves how they shape her body, she suffers with anorexia so finds dresses the only thing that makes her feel slightly better about her self!!
    Thankyou for the chance to win!!

  • Tess Max-Dav

    would love to win one of these gorgeous dresses which are cut to fit any shape

  • Kelly Simpson

    I dont own a dress by lindybop and would love to try one if i was lucky enough to win please.

  • Karl Borowy

    wife loves this style

  • Steffàni Benton

    Lindy Bop was what got me into Vintage!

  • AG

    Love these vintage style dresses, my mum has a few from Stop Staring (and wore one at my wedding) and I’d love to join in, especially as me & DH are meant to be starting swing dancing soon!

  • Lisa Debz

    I would love to win as I have been ill and when I’m better in a few weeks I will be taking my three young on a few special days out x

  • Because you look gorgeous in that dress and I have weddings coming up.

  • nikki Smith

    I love the lindy bop style- so glamorous and fun!

  • Deborah Mackenzie

    I would love to win as I need to be encouraged to wear dresses as I always feel self conscious

  • anneka hulse

    i love the 50’s style dresses and would love a new outfit to wear after my little boy arrives this month

  • Ruth Wollerton

    I would love to win, because their dresses impress with beauty and glamour. I would so love to own one. Thank you xxx

  • Pauline Black

    Their dresses are stunning and very flattering on the figure. Would love to win one!

  • I love that Lisette dress on you! Need I say more? Clearly wanna win so I can try one. The Ophelia doesn’t work on me (always too baggy in places and tight in others…That’s my shape for ya!). Xx

  • DanielleGraves

    I adore Lindy Bop dresses they are beautiful, would love to own one of my own

  • Natalie Crossan

    I love LIndy bop dresses xx