#30DaysofSMBL Day 15 – Vivien of Holloway Giveaway!

Oh my god guys, I cannot express just how flipping excited I’ve been to share photos of my in the Vivien of Holloway dress! Yes – I am super vain. Day 15 – woahhhh we’re half way thereeee – is to win a halter neck Vivien of Holloway dress of your choice! Which means it’ll be the same style as this beautiful dress below but you can pick the print. I absolutely love leopard print but I never get chance to wear it enough because people make so many ugly clothes with this print. Not Vivien of Holloway though! They have reignited my feelings for leopard print and I’m just so so happy.

The ONLY downside to Vivien of Holloway is that I am literally their biggest size and I have to squeeze in so please keep in mind if you’re a 22+, this one isn’t for you but there’s plenty of others. Don’t hate me! Note to Vivien of Holloway, do a plus range! You’d make a killing. Anyway, I love it, you’ll love one, love, love, love. One photo would be enough for this post but instead I’m leaving 3, because LOVE.
Vivien of Holloway Vivien of Holloway Vivien of Holloway
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  • What a fab giveaway! I’ve always loved Vivien of Holloway but never had the chance to buy one!



  • Ahhhhhh I LOVE VoH dresses SO damn much!! So well made!!
    I dream of the day I get to pop over and visit their store, I imagine I would be like a kid in a sweetie shop 🙂

    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks.com

  • Never heard of VoH before but love the dress! Would love to win as it’s my graduation soon and I need a pretty dress 🙂

  • Keshia Esgate

    Who wouldn’t want this stunning dress?!!

  • Ahhh, what an amazing prize! I love VoH – my white leopard print wedding dress was one of theirs. They’re such beautiful dresses, and the quality is amazing! 🙂 x

  • Nora Kilgannon

    I love VoH dresses . What a great giveaway

  • Marie

    I’ve always wanted a VoH dress but unfortunately I keep having to spend my savings on more boring day-to-day things, so this would be amazing! Thank you for the chance!

  • Alica

    Who wouldn’t want to win? Gorgeous dress!!

  • I would die if I won this! I’ve been after a VIV for about 10 years but there out of my price range. I did get one as a teen but it no longer fits 🙁

  • kitty kaos

    I freaking love VOH I am dying to have one of their dresses!!!! You look amazing in yours x

  • Nanc

    too small for me but i would re-gift it to a family member who couldn’t afford to buy one

  • Amber

    I love their gorgeous dresses and would love to rock one allllll summer long!

  • Aceso84

    Wow, you look stunning, would be awesome to own one.

  • Kerrie ONeill

    Awesome dresses! would love something from them 🙂

  • I love Vivien of Holloway! I’ve got a few dresses by them but they’re way too small for me now, so it would be great to get a new one.

  • lucy

    I’ve always wanted one of these (but didn’t have the money!). Simply gorgeous.

  • kirst the worst

    So excited to see Vivien of Holloway on here! I nearly got my wedding dress from there!

  • Shelley Jessup

    Such gorgeous dresses that I would be ecstatic to win & wear especially for all these occasions I have coming up this year.

  • Hayley Elvin

    The dresses are lovely and I don’t treat myself very often so it would be lovely to have a new frock 🙂

  • I’d love a frock for my upcoming cruise.

  • Garth Algar

    Ahh! I love vintage dresses so much, would be great for the weddings I’ve got coming up & my holiday!

  • Katie Kingsbury

    Well, as a fellow crazy cat lady I’m of the opinion that you can never have enough leopard print either so I’d LOVE one of these, I think I like the silver version best though.

  • Gemma Massey

    I’d love to win as I love leopard print 😀 xx

  • Olivia Kirby

    I always need more dresses!

  • Rebecca Phillips

    That leopard dress is gorgeous on you! I am a sucker for animal print so I think I need to own one too!

  • emma j lowe

    would love a new dress, thank you

  • Hayley Todd

    Oh my goodness, these dresses are simply divine! I have been given the honour of being asked to be a godmother for a Christening at the beginning of September and one of these amazing dresses would be simply divine!

  • Gnei Usama

    You are looking amazing in that. Love to try a Vivien dress my self too

  • Tess Max-Dav

    would love to win one of these gorgeous dresses – love the style

  • Jo McPherson

    Love this dress, have lots of occassions to wear it

  • Kelly Simpson

    Would love to win this dress as it is simply a beautiful dress!

  • Karl Borowy

    greatt wild look

  • Dawn Wilkinson

    lovely dresses just been on the web page and there are sooo many prints/colours to choose from.

  • Deborah Mackenzie

    they have some really lovely dresses

  • Leigh

    I would love to win as they are really gorgeous dresses

  • nikki Smith

    I love retro fashion and the dresses are so pretty

  • Pauline Black

    Gorgeous dresses who wouldn’t want to win!

  • Louise McDonagh

    You look gorgeous. I absolutely hope I win.

  • DanielleGraves

    because the dresses are absolutely stunning!!

  • Natalie Crossan

    So beautiful xx