#30DaysofSMBL Day 14 – Curvy Kate Giveaway!

Apologies for yesterday’s post going out a little later than I hoped, if you haven’t noticed I’m scheduling for 8am every morning but after a very late delivery, things got a little stressful on my end. Thankfully everything is nearly back on track and for day 14 of 30 Days of She Might Be Loved, I have a set of your choice from Curvy Kate to give away! That’s right, set your eyes on some the beautiful spring/summer 2016 range and pick out your favourite as it might be whizzing it’s way over to you next month!

I doubt I need to explain Curvy Kate to any of you as most likely you’ll be scrolling by them on your favourite websites or actually own several of their sets. I actually own my first Bikini from them and it’s been a massive hit on my blog and vlog on plus size swimwear! Curvy Kate range from a D – K cup and you know the ‘bra whisperer’ you’ve seen in the papers and on TV, well Chantelle is a Curvy Kate girl! They’re so passionate about women wearing the right size bra and so, this might be the perfect opportunity to get a properly fitted bra!


Curvy Kate


Giveaway Information

All giveaways are UK only unless stated (there are exceptions.)
The winners will all be announced on the 14th July.
This giveaway prize will be shipped out/provided by the company. You must provide your address to me or the company as instructed when I contact you.
The winner must contact me with 28 days or another winner will be picked.
Entries will be disqualified if they have not followed the rules properly, such as unfollowing before announced.


  • Garth Algar

    Would love to try Curvy Kate!

  • I’d like to win this one because I was planning to order a mint green set on payday (left, in the second row, in fact) so you may as well save me the money bwahahahah.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

  • Christine Dodd

    I have a pink set from Curvy Kate and it’s a really good fit for my big boobs!

  • Keshia Esgate

    Beautiful bras and briefs 🙂 would love a set

  • Sarah Lewis

    Gorgeous lingerie and in my size!

  • Ali

    I love curvy kate. They have a really body positive ethos, and their bras make my boobs look amazing 🙂 x

  • I badly need to treat myself to some new bras in particular and have heard nothing but good things about Curvy Kate! 🙂

    Ellis – http://www.ellistuesday.com

  • Katie Skeoch

    I love these springtime colours!

  • Karen

    I would love to win as I am 40 years old and have never owned a matching set of lingerie!! Having a large bust and fuller figure means getting the right fit and support can be expensive and often the lingerie isn’t very pretty, but Curvy Kate really do score a 10/0 on every count! Loved you in their bikini though!

  • I’d love to win because a) I don’t have a single bra that actually fits me properly and b) normally bra’s for larger chested woman are beige and ugly. These are so pretty and colourful, I’d love to own one.

    Angi http://www.twodifferentworlds.com

  • lyn

    I always like to treat myself to some new lingerie & swimwear before I go on holiday

  • Elena Davies

    I’ll never have enough CK!

  • Michaela De Gonzalez

    Would really like to win some curvy kate as this year has been about trying new things and new experiences (such as getting on a plane/going to a festival). I would like to keep that up !

  • Alica

    I would love to win! I desperately need new lingerie!!

  • I’m a 32 F and always struggle to find things I like in my size!

  • Nanc

    who doesnt want this lovely stuff. would make a change from black and white x

  • Aceso84

    My favourite undies, so many beautiful sets.

  • judyparslow

    perfect lingerie for us fuller figure ladies

  • Kelly Hemmings

    I’ve recently lost some weight and now desperate for new underwear

  • Esma Blackwell

    Would love a new set of lingeire

  • I love the colours on these – so summery! x

  • Nicola Dow

    i would love to win as I really need a new well fitting bra! struggle to buy a good 1 that fits and doesnt cost a small fortune x

  • It would be lovely to win some pretty lingerie. I find it so hard to find pretty sets in my size (G). Many thanks x

  • kirst the worst

    Seen a lot of blogs with Curvy Kate but I’ve yet to use them!

  • Shelley Jessup

    Curvy Kate has always been a winner for me in the underwear section & I am looking at getting a strapless dress for a wedding so needing a strapless bra to help keep me up!

  • Hayley Elvin

    I’ve lost weight after having a baby and would love some new pretty lingerie rather than maternity underwear

  • Vintage Fee

    I’ve never tried a Curvy Kate, hopefully this will be my first chance!

  • Katie Kingsbury

    Well, they’ve practically got my name on! Seriously, I bought my first CK set a few months ago and I’m a total convert.

  • Kitty Wood

    Awesome! I’ve never owned a Curvy Kate so fingers crossed

  • Pam Smith

    Gorgeous underwear…finally!

  • Olivia Kirby

    I would love some new underwear!

  • Deborah Mackenzie

    I really hate buying underwear as it never fits right.. and find it so embarrassing to get help :/

  • Jo McPherson

    I find it hard to buy underwear in the shops that fits and/or looks nice too. This all looks gorgeous

  • tracey anderson

    Finally found some chic and flattering underwear for the larger lady 🙂 Gorgeous items 🙂 Thank you X x

  • Gemma Massey

    I’d love some sexy lingerie for my sexy curves 🙂

  • Rebecca Phillips

    I love Curvy Kate! Sexy yet still comfy and supportive

  • emma j lowe

    would be nice to have a new set of undies.

  • Hayley Todd

    I would love to win a gorgeous, new sexy underwear set! My husband and I are having a long weekend away together for the first time in years, and I would love a gorgeous set to take away with me!

  • Joanne Atkinson

    Such pretty colours, so feminine and fresh.

  • Danielle stewart

    I would absolutely love to win please xox I find it hard to get a good coverage in the cup with also being small around the band but this fabulous brand does cater for my size and in stunning designs which iv always found hard to come by especially without the hefty price tag x

  • alison clark

    A girl can never have enough underwear – especially matching !

  • Tess Max-Dav

    love Curvy Kate so would love to win

  • Steffàni Benton

    Yes please! 😀

  • Karl Borowy


  • Dawn Wilkinson

    Lovely lingerie and a great range of sizes

  • Jess Berkeley

    Gorgeous lingerie!
    This would make my partner happy 🙂

  • anneka hulse

    so i feel a million dollars

  • Leigh

    These bra sets are gorgeous

  • Lindsay McPhee

    At last, some truly beautiful (and not outrageously expensive) underwear for super-curvy women! Want want want!

  • melaburt

    I am a big lady myself and it is so hard to find underwear that caters for us that isn’t ridiculously expensive! Finally someone who understands!

  • Natalie Crossan

    These sets are lovely xx