11 Things You Need to Watch on Netflix This Month

It’s a constant joke in this house about how much I actually watch on Netflix, so I thought I’d start doing monthly roundups of things that I recommend. I’m really lucky with what I pick to watch, and I rarely end up with something that I really hate and something that’s really terrible. So, here’s 14 things that I’ve watched in the last month or two and loved…


Gerald’s Game

I’m not one for horror films but this is more of a psychological thriller based on the Stephen King Novel. I’d use the works ‘sick’, ‘disturbing’ and ‘unnerving’ to describe this but it’s definitely a good watch regardless. It follows a couple who are struggling to keep their romance alive and so they head to a remote cottage to ‘spice’ things up. Things take a turn for the worse when the husband has a heart attack and dies on top of the wife who is handcuffed to a huge bed. I won’t say much more apart from the ending of this film gave me goosebumps!

The Good Place

A woman who had done nothing but bad and horrible things all her life, died and ended up in ‘The Good Place’. This is an hilarious series of quick 20 minutes episodes that will really have you laughing, well once you can ignore the odd totally unnecessary fat shaming comments. If you like a binge then this is actually a great season to watch quickly and in a day or so, but be warned, the ending comes with such a twist that when you catch up (you won’t want to stop watching) you’re going to have to wait every week for a new episode. Totally worth it, but at the same time I do love just binge watching.


Following on from the incredible film with Bradley Cooper, the Limitless series at first plays out as if it’s a complete redo of the film. That’s until the God himself, Bradley Cooper shows up in the series. What a treat! These are quite long and complex episodes that you really do need to pay attention too. After all, you’re watching people who are much smarter than your average person, and that takes concentration to watch!

Gaga: Five Foot Two

It wasn’t until very recently that I learnt about Gaga having a chronic illness and it made me want to watch this documentary so much more. It was so interesting and saddening to see what she goes through just to perform and how much she loves her work. I was already a fan, but watching her speak about chronic conditions was so relatable for me and I really loved how much she feels for people who can’t afford all the help she gets. It was nice of her to acknowledge that. She’s truly an inspirational and incredible person.


American Horror Story

I did the whole binge watch of American Horror Story last year and I missed all the promotion about season 6, so when I finally saw it pop up on Netflix, that was my day and night sorted. Alfie joined me halfway in and it was truly one of the best AHS seasons yet, we stayed up until 2am to finish it. This one is set like a paranormal documentary series and has actors playing out what happened as the other characters describe it, it was truly interesting, freaky, and it made me jump several times!


This Netflix Series is based on the film with Mark Wahlberg but it’s definitely better than the film. It follows a plot of where a sniper is set up by his old army boss and has to prove his innocence, whilst protecting his wife and daughter. It continues into season 2 with more drama and more secrets unfolding. It was one of those programs where I just couldn’t wait for the next episode, but unfortunately the second season has been cut short after the main character hurt himself and season 3 is yet to be confirmed. Either way, it’s a great program to watch and the ending is still good even without an extra 2 episodes.

Wynonna Earp

After binge watching Salem a few months back (I highly recommend that btw), this came up on my recommend and at first I thought, what an odd name? But actually, it’s a pretty good supernatural series. It follows the Earp family and how one of them (the oldest) is the chosen one to be the protector of their home town, conveniently called Purgatory. There demons are stuck and it’s the chosen Earp’s legacy to kill them and stop them from leaving. It has that super hot actor that looks like Frank from How To Get Away With Murder, so it was a no brainer for me to keep watching it.

The Mist

A Netflix Original that looks like an apocalypse type series? Count me in! This was actually a lot more complex than it first looked like it’d be, and it’s based on  another novel by Stephen King. It does have a rape storyline so if that’s a trigger for you then I wouldn’t recommend this. The Mist contains mysterious and quite fighting things that kill and attack anything that if left out in it. The season left a lot of questions but I’ve just read that we’ll never find out what those answers are as season 2 is cancelled! Regardless, it’s a good standalone series.

The Defenders

In order to understand The Defenders, you have to watch Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil. It’ll actually take a couple weeks, even if you’re a serious binge watcher like me, but unless you watch them all, The Defenders won’t be half as good to watch. I really loved them all coming together, I thought this was a fantastic series and I really can’t wait for season 2. There’s no need for me to ruin the plot, just watch the others first!

What Happened To Monday

What Happened To Monday is a seriously interesting plot line of the world being overpopulated and that families were only allowed one child, any others had to be put into a cryosleep and frozen. One family had 7 identical babies and they were hidden for years by their grandfather. When they were old enough, they were allowed out on their day of the week, but had to film and give every single detail of their day to the others so that they would never be caught.

Death Note

Despite what the clip looks like, this isn’t actually meant to be a horror, it’s an adventure crime drama and a very good one! A mysterious note book called ‘Death Note’ appears in front of a high school student, giving him the power to kill anyone whose name is written in the book. He falls in love and ends up sharing the book with his girlfriend, but having so much power isn’t always a good things.

  • Charlotte Flynn

    You have just helped me plan me week off next week haha. Thanks hun lol xxx

  • Sarah R

    I’ve just started watching The Good Place and it’s amazing! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Laura [Merkitty]

    I have The Good Place on my to watch list already, but there are some good ones here that I might have to check out. I’m really hoping that the Death Note you watched was the anime on Netflix and not the Netflix original film because the film was awful! I guess if you didn’t see the anime then the film would seem okay..
    Some good suggestions here though! Thanks, will definitely check out a few of these.

  • Great list. I’ll have to check Wynonna Earp out! I loved Salem–it was so well-made.

  • You’ve mentioned some absolutely fantastic shows and movies here… I love AHS and I really enjoyed Gerald’s Game 🙂 I’ve been meaning to watch Lady Gaga’s documentary so thankyou for the reminder! I’m definitely going to give What Happened to Monday a watch, it sounds interesting! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey